Product Development Will Chase Talent — Wherever It Is!

Visas and the skills gap

Visas such as H-1B and L-1 only became necessary because they helped fill a massive skills gap in the US. It is access to these skills that helped us become globally competitive. From a COVID perspective, we can see tech workers playing a crucial role. Software and digital technologies have helped us establish as much normalcy as possible in these peculiar times. Hospitals, healthcare, education, retail, and a ton of other areas are only functioning because of technology. And what makes that technology work? Software. And the folks who wrote it.

Technology dependency WILL increase

It’s indisputable that our dependency on technology is only going to increase. Software and software products are only going to become more essential and vital. The quality and security of software products will come under the scanner and become even more pivotal. And it’s not only consumer software that has to become more secure and user friendly.

The enterprise impact

The consumerization of enterprise software products is already underway. This pace has only been accelerated by the pandemic. We have been launched into this world of remote work and distributed teams. Enterprises now are more invested in building products that are more user friendly and can be used anytime-anywhere without security and performance issues.

Talent leads the way

The point being, software products will need more refined and trained talent. And if there isn’t the right talent in the US, product development will move to where the talent(ability, skill) is. And the move will be seamless. Remember that remote working and distributed teams are now a rigorously tested model.



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